Package com.anthonyeden.lib.config

Contains classes which provide a generic configuration environment.


Interface Summary
Configurable Interface which can be implemented by any object which should be configurable using the EdenLib configuration objects.
Configuration The Configuration interface represents a node in a configuration tree.
ConfigurationFactory Standard interface which is used to retrieve a Configuration from an InputStream or Reader.
MutableConfiguration Interface implemented by configuration objects which are mutable.

Class Summary
ConfigurationBase The ConfigurationBase is a base implementation of the MutableConfiguration interface.
Location This interface provides information about where the configuration object was located in the configuration file.

Exception Summary
ConfigurationException Exception thrown when there is an error while reading, writing or manipulating Configurations.

Package com.anthonyeden.lib.config Description

Contains classes which provide a generic configuration environment. Configuration trees are created by concrete subclasses of the Configuration interface. Classes which require configuration data can then use Configuration objects to obtain that information regardless of how the information is actually stored in the system.

The current implementations are an XMLConfiguration and a JDOMConfiguration. The XMLConfiguration actually uses the JDOMConfiguration to manage the data.

Copyright (c) 2000-2003 Anthony Eden. All Rights Reserved.