EdenLib is a collection of generic classes which serve a variety of purposes.


com.anthonyeden.lib EdenLib is a collection of reusable Java classes used throughout my open source projects.
com.anthonyeden.lib.cache Package which contains a cache interface as well as a simple in-memory cache implementation.
com.anthonyeden.lib.config Contains classes which provide a generic configuration environment.
com.anthonyeden.lib.db This package contains classes which can create database locks in a database-agnostic manner.
com.anthonyeden.lib.event Events and listeners.
com.anthonyeden.lib.gui Classes for working with GUI environments.
com.anthonyeden.lib.io IO utilities.
com.anthonyeden.lib.resource This package contains classes for loading and monitoring resources such as files.
com.anthonyeden.lib.util Utility classes.


EdenLib is a collection of generic classes which serve a variety of purposes. These classes are reused throughout my open source projects so I believe that you may find them useful as well.

EdenLib contains the following packages:


Standard interfaces for accessing hiearchical configuration information. Includes implementations for loading and storing data in XML documents using the W3C DOM, Dom4J and JDOM.


Database utilities. Includes a lock manager for acquiring locks which are stored in a database table, a unique ID generator, and a generic Driver descriptor class.


Events and listeners for status and error events.


Classes to reduce time required to develop GUI applications. Includes the following components: writing wizards, date selection panel, file-system trees, help window, splash screen, status panel, and an error dialog for handling Throwable objects. Also includes an Action implementation which uses reflection for executing action-specific methods.


I/O utilities. Includes an input and output stream which counts bytes read or written, a writer for directly writing to a JTextArea and a writer which writes to null.


Classes which wrap log implementations. Provides two logger implementations: one for Log4J and the other for a simple System.error logger.


Classes for loading and monitoring resources. Current implementations include loading from the file system or from the class path.


Utility classes. Includes utilities for classes and methods, IO utilities, filters for lists and tables, SQL utilities, text utilities as well as implementations of ArrayList and TreeMap which can be used directly in Swing components.

New packages as of EdenLib 1.1 include:


Generic cache interface as well as a simple implementation of an in-memory cache.

Copyright (c) 2000-2003 Anthony Eden. All Rights Reserved.