Package com.anthonyeden.lib.util

Utility classes.


Interface Summary
Addressed * An interface representing an object which has a mailing * address.

Class Summary
ByteUtilities Utility class for working with bytes and byte arrays.
ClassUtilities Useful class management utilities.
DateRange * This class represents a continuous date range.
DefaultAddressed * Default implementation of the Addressed interface.
FileMonitor Class which monitors a file in a thread separate from the main application.
IconManager The IconManager provides a central location for loading and caching Icons loaded from the class loader as resources.
IOUtilities Useful IO utilities.
ListFilter Class for filtering a ListModel.
ListMap A wrapper for a list model.
ListMatchFilter Implementation of the ListFilter abstract class which filters out exact matches.
LogUtilities A utility class to assist with extended logging.
MessageUtilities Utilities for retrieving localized messages.
MethodUtilities Utilities for invoking methods at runtime using reflection.
SQLUtilities Useful SQL utilities.
Stopwatch Simple class for starting and stopping a stopwatch.
TableFilter A filter for TableModels.
TableMap Based on work by Philip Milne.
TableMatchFilter Implementation of the TableFilter class which filters rows out of a TableModel if the row data matches one of the specified values.
TableSorter A sorter for TableModels.
TextUtilities Useful text manipulation methods.
VelocityTool A simple tool for parsing files which use the Velocity templating language.
VFSFileMonitor Class which monitors a file in a thread separate from the main application.
XArrayList This class extends the ArrayList class to support direct placement of the list in a JList or JComboBox.
XTreeMap An implementation of a TreeMap which can be placed in a JTable or in a JList.

Package com.anthonyeden.lib.util Description

Utility classes.

Copyright (c) 2000-2003 Anthony Eden. All Rights Reserved.