Package com.anthonyeden.lib.gui

Classes for working with GUI environments.


Interface Summary
WizardComponent Standard interface for components which will be used in a Wizard.

Class Summary
AbstractWizardComponent An abstract implementation of the WizardComponent interface.
AppearanceConfigurationPanel A GUI panel for controlling the application appearance (i.e the application look and feel).
DateSelectPanel Panel for selecting a date (month, day, year).
FSTree A component for displaying a file system tree.
FSTreeCellEditor A TreeCellEditor for the FSTree.
FSTreeCellRenderer A TreeCellRenderer for the FSTree component.
FSTreeModel A tree model which models the file system from a given root.
HelpWindow Implementation of a help window which is just a container for an HTML pane.
HelpWindowMenuBar Menu bar for the HelpWindow component.
LookAndFeelListCellRenderer A custom renderer for the LookAndFeel list.
RedoAction A UI action for redo.
SplashScreen A simple splash screen which displays an image.
StandardAction The StandardAction class can be used to create a Action object which will invoke the given method on the given target when triggered.
StatusPanel A panel which provides a status field, much like what you see at the bottom of most web browser windows.
ThrowableDialog A dialog for displaying stack trace information from a Java exception or error.
UndoAction A UI action for undo.
VFSTreeCellEditor A TreeCellEditor for the VFSTree.
VFSTreeCellRenderer A TreeCellRenderer for the VFSTree component.
VFSTreeModel A tree model which models the virtual file system from a given root.
Wizard Base class for creating wizard components.
WizardPanel Panel which contains a wizard component.

Package com.anthonyeden.lib.gui Description

Classes for working with GUI environments. Includes a system for creating Wizards, a FileSystem Tree component, Help window and various action objects.

Copyright (c) 2000-2003 Anthony Eden. All Rights Reserved.